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ADUZA Robotics and Automation Private Limited is an IIT (ISM) Dhanbad incubated company, started in India intending to serve academic institutions with a fully customizable robotics and automation solution. The strength of its founders includes teaching industrial robotics and automation in a premier academic institution in India.

With the diverse set of experience of its founders, ADUZA offers to develop professional solutions for various government-funded projects and provide consultancy to their unique demands.

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With our diverse experience in academic research and product development, we offer a fully customizable solution to universities for their unique laboratory requirements.

  • Customized Hardware Development
  • Customized Online/Offline Courses/Workshops/Training
  • Technical Hotline and Advisory Service
  • Downloads: CAD data, Certificates, Software, Datasheets, etc.


HEXA 4: Parallel 6-DoF Platform

HEXA-4 is a strong and agile 6-Degrees of Freedom parallel…

INVERTA 8: 6-DoF Parallel Robot Training Cell

INVERTA-8 is an all-in-one table-top platform especially built for skill…

RED 0.5: Parallel 6-DoF Mini Platform

This is an inexpensive 3-D Printed 6-RSS parallel platform built specially…

6-RSS Parallel Robot Simulator

This is a complete package that is included with our real…

The Big Gaming Platform

One of the best possible applications that a parallel robot has seen so far is simulator…

Customized Automation Kits

The customized automation kits are typically suited for academic purpose…

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