One of the best possible applications that a parallel robot has seen so far is simulators and gaming stations. And this product is simply our capability demonstration through a Car Gaming platform that has a real 6 mechanical Degrees of Freedom using the Stewart-Gough platform. It comes with a real car seat with associated safety like a seat belt, emergency stop button, etc., 6-speed gear shifter, separately adjustable pedals for the throttle, brake, and clutch, Leather grip steering wheel with 900 degrees of rotation and haptic feedback, Triple 4K 27-inch displays with 165 Hz refresh rate, 120W 5.1 surround sound system,Project Cars 2 as a default gaming/simulator integration.

The system comprises of 6 linear servo actuators which simultaneously can handle 150Kg of payload excluding the necessary mountings like seat, steering, gear, pedals, etc. Overall, it makes an unprecedented immersive gaming experience.

The system shown here is inexpensive electro-pneumatic system-based actuators are controllers. However, the system is fully customizable, and electrical servo variants are also supported. The end-user has full access to the controller gains to adjust to various user experiences.

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