This is a complete package that is included with our real hardware-based platforms, INVERTA-8 or HEXA-4. It can be a good start for academic institutions that are interested in demonstrating parallel robots to their students on a low budget and without a physical robot. As a stand-alone application, it includes the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that can be used to demonstrate motion in a Cartesian workspace interactively through a wireless mouse, and keyboard, or a 6-DoF Joystick.

All the runtime parameters, like joint angles, end-effector position, homogeneous transformation matrix, etc., can be easily observed. It can demonstrate pre-programmed trajectory simulations like a spiral, Lissajous, helical, precession, and Simple Harmonic Motions of its end-effector. Also, it can demonstrate point-to-point motion using standard joint trajectories like cycloidal, quintic, cosine, and cubic. The plot for the joint velocities and accelerations is generated for any motion demonstrations. The end-effector tool position can be set to any point within the workspace, which is widely used to demonstrate Tool Centre Point (TCP) Calibration algorithm works and is widely used in any industrial application.

Robots like HEXA-4 or INVERTA-8 can be integrated into this if available.

 Technical Specifications
 Demonstration of capabilities of 6-RSS Parallel Platform Simulator.

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