With our diverse experience in academic research and product development, we offer a fully customizable solution to universities for their unique laboratory requirements. Our products are reliable and we deliver them to our customer’s expectations through our professionalism and commitments. We aim to be a market leader through our quick support through 24/7 service and other digital channels.


Customized Hardware Development

The products developed by us are ruggedized for industrial use and have an open architecture for easy expansion. Our products support integration to a diverse set of hardware and software that may be existing in any developed labs. Each of our products is uniquely customized to our customer’s requirements for the unique demands of their existing setups.

We also offer complete laboratory setups for any upcoming university in the areas of robotics, automation, IoT, etc. These are through proposals based on customer-specific demands based on their mission and vision.

Customized Online/Offline Courses/Workshops/Training

We offer a wide range of certified professional courses in the upcoming areas of industrial robotics and automation. Apart from our regular courses we also offer customized online and offline courses that are uniquely tailored as per the customer demands in any specific areas of applications. These courses are delivered by our highly qualified professionals who have wide experience in product development in the areas of robotics and automation.

We offer offline workshops that can be delivered at our state-of-the-art labs with hands-on on real industrial systems. Just like our courses, the workshops are also customizable specific to any industry or university requirements.

Technical Hotline and Advisory Service

One can benefit from our readily available experts through digital channels, chat service, and 24/7 telephonic support. Furthermore, we promptly supply you with the spare parts of our products, provide you with on-site service, refurbish any existing equipment, and support you with any unique solutions that you may require. We therefore can ensure that your equipment is available to the fullest.

Downloads: CAD data, Certificates, Software, Datasheets, etc.

We provide CAD files, design data, and any academic information for research purposes under MoU to Universities. Any course completion certificates for learners can be downloaded from our website for quick access and validation purposes. Software for our products, technical specifications, quick start guides, and brochures for our products can be downloaded.

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