HEXA 4: Parallel 6-DoF Platform

HEXA-4 is a strong, agile 6-Degrees of Freedom parallel platform with a wide workspace.

It is best suited for gaming integrations, precisely controlled manipulators, camera mounts with exceptional peep features, medical applications, 3D and 5D printing machines, laser cutting/engraving, and academic or research labs.

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INVERTA 8: 6-DoF Parallel Robot Training Cell

INVERTA-8 is an all-in-one table-top platform especially built for skill building of industrial users, students at academic institutes, and research labs. It includes a 6-RSS parallel HEXA-4 platform in an inverted configuration and an inbuilt controller PC that can easily be programmed for pick-and-place operation.

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RED 0.5: Parallel 6-DoF Mini Platform

This is an inexpensive 3D Printed 6-RSS parallel platform built specially to accommodate institutes with low budgets and any hobbyist who intends to introduce this highly capable 6-DoF parallel platform to their projects. It comes with a fully-featured GUI as with our robust INVERTA-8 platform. Even the programming interface is like our HEXA-4 or INVERTA-8 robots.

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6-RSS Mini Parallel Platform

This complete package is included with our real hardware-based platforms INVERTA-8 or HEXA-4. It can be a good start for academic institutions that are interested to demonstrate parallel robots to their students on a low budget and without a physical robot.

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The Big Gaming Platform

One of the best possible applications that a parallel robot has seen so far is simulators and gaming stations. And this product is simply our capability demonstration through a Car Gaming platform that has a real 6 mechanical Degrees of Freedom using the Stewart-Gough platform.

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Customized Automation Kits

The customized automation kits are typically suited for academic purpose to impart training to the students. The completely customizable training kit offers a customer to choose from a basket of wide variety of training module like:

  • Basic pneumatic
  • Advanced pneumatic
  • Basic electro-pneumatic
  • Advanced electro-pneumatic
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
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