HEXA-4 is a strong and agile 6-Degrees of Freedom parallel platform with a wide workspace. It is best suited for gaming integrations, precisely controlled manipulators, camera mounts with exceptional peep features, medical applications, 3D and 5D printing machines, laser cutting/engraving, and academic or research labs.

In the inverted mounting configuration, it can handle a wide range of food products, and can easily do pick-and-place operations as in the pharma, and electronics industry.

Downloads: Technical Specifications


  • Its greatly finished stainless steel body adds the sense of hygiene that is required for such applications.
  • It is easy to clean and disinfect
  • With an added 3-extra Degrees of Freedom for roll, pitch, and yaw actions it can do much more than any standard industrial 3-DoF Delta variants of parallel robots can do.
  • Having 6-Revolute-Spherical-Spherical (6-RSS) structure makes it agile, and sensitive enough to handle do rapid control applications
  • Added to this the torque-enabled motion controls make the motion compliant and safe against any collisions.
  • With 100% spares one can order it as a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) kit for learners.
  • The link sizes and top and bottom platform shapes can be fully customized as per the user’s requirements. By default, the hardware can be selected among five different sizes of the first link, and 2 sizes of the second link.
  • It comes with a Joystick, an isolated laptop with preloaded drivers, and our fully featured proprietary simulation software with the same capabilities as with our rugged INVERTA-8 robot.



Type 6 DOF, Parallel Robot
Number of axis 6
Pose repeatability ±0.17 mm (ISO 9283)
Weight 5 kg with mounting base
Cubical workspace 60mm × 60mm × 60mm
Maximum Displacements X ~ 160mm, Y ~ 160mm, Z ~ 160mm
Maximum Angular Displacements Roll ~ 43°, Pitch ~ 25°, Yaw ~ 65°
Payload 8 kg (at 12.0V)
Operating temperature -5°C to +80°C
Mounting position Floor, ceiling, walls, floating
Size 300mm × 300mm × 450mm with Supporting Base Stand of 50mm.
Surface finish, paintwork Base stand: (stationary) Metallic grey, Moving parts: Stainless Steel
Material Body: Chromium plated mild steel, Actuators: Engineering plastic body Links: Mild Steel Coupler and Bolts: Stainless Steel
Joint Level Accuracy 0.088°
Minimum Incremental Motion X,Y,Z 1.5mm
Maximum Velocity 0.5m/s
Maximum Joint Torque 6.0N.m (at 12V)
Maximum Joint Speed 378°/second
Force/Torque Control Torque control (upto 10 bit precision) at each joint allows end-effector force/torque control
Sound Level <50dB
Top Platform Modified for more agility and light weight. Provision for mounting sensors and gripper.


Operating Voltage 12.0V (Recommended)
Maximum Current 25A at Full load
Standby Current 600mA
Connecting Cable Single 3-Wire cable for Communication and Power.
Actuator Characteristics
  • Full metal gear
  • PID adjustable using seperate Actuator GUI
  • Contactless absolute encoder (12 bit for 360°)
  • Feedback: Position, Temperature
  • Position, Velocity or Torque Control
Power Supply 110/220 V to 12V


Supported platforms PC with Mac or Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Raspberry Pi, or other distributions.)
Programming Compatibility MATLAB, Python, Java, C/C++, C#, LabView, ROS.
Communication USB to TTL (Daisychain - Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication)
API Compatibility Python, ROS
Included GUI Features
  • Cartesian Jogging for Position and Orientation
  • PTP Motion using Cycloidal, Cubic, Quintic, and Cosine trajectories
  • Controllers: Virtual using mouse, Android App or 3D Joystick
  • Programmed motions: Planar/Vertical SHM, Spiral, Lissajous, Helical, Precession
  • Live plot for joint angles for any cartesian motion, end-effector homogeneous transformation matrix, error logs
  • Mouse interactive 3D visualization and standard views buttons
  • Trace feature for end-effector motion visualization
  • Inbuilt safety feature for singularity check and joint angle limits


  • 1 No. all rotary parallel Stewart platform with actuators and base stand.
  • USB to TTL converter for communication.
  • 12V, 30A power supply.
  • Junction box with Emergency stop.
  • 3 core, 10m, submersible cable.
  • USB Drive with Software, API, Assembly Instructions, User Documentation, Android Application, Videos and Example codes.
  • customization in terms of hardware and software may be provided on request (chargeable).
  • Lab. Manuals for teaching (chargeable).


  • Standard computer with i5 processor or above, 8 GB RAM, with Graphics card.
  • Preferably with Linux Ubuntu 14.04 or higher.


  • As a laboratory apparatus or in classroom for demonstrating parallel robot.
  • Positioners: for cameras, solar plates, mirrors, surgical instruments, etc.
  • Low frequency vibration compensators or dynamic balancing (needs appropriate sensors).
  • Motion platform: e.g. simulators, gaming stations, medical applications, test workbench, etc.
  • Torque controlled joints allows it to be used as a haptic feedback device or as an assembly robot.

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